Robin's Hobbies Last Update: "May 12, 2011" Go Gators ****************************** I retired from Lockheed Martin after 37 years as an Industrial Engineer in December 2008. Most of my carrier being in estimating the cost of military electronics and helping to negotiate the cost with the customers. I did return part time to help train someone in estimating techniques from January 2010 to August 2010. I now volunteer digging around Marion County Florida with the Archaeologist Dr. Willet Boyer III. We have found many artifacts including Native Indian Artifacts such as Arrowhead Points and Pottery. We have also found Spanish Pottery and Beads to help prove where a Spanish Mission was long ago. I also use GPS Coordinates to plot all Dig Shovel Test Holes and Units into Google Earth for a satellite view of where we dig. I then use a laser level to determine elevation of all Shovel Tests and Units Dug. Many of the artifacts found will be placed into the Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology for all to see in the Ocala, FL area. I have also dug at the Ocala Fort King Site with Archaeologist Gary Ellis. I am currently on the Fort King Heritage Association board that will make improvments to the site for all to enjoy. I also have joined the Mid Florida Historical Reasearch & Recovery Association (a Metal Detector Club in Ocala) to enjoy finding burried items from long ago. I now have a Garrett AT-Pro Metal Detector and a Garrett Pro-Pointer. I also collect Stationary Toy Steam Engines from Germany that were made from about 1898 thru the 1930s. Black Fox Squirrel 1 , Black Fox Squirrel 2