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Local Ocala Native American Projectile Points and Pottery

This collection was found less than ½ mile southwest of this Museum. Local resident Robin Corsiglia found these items mostly on SE 13th Street as a kid from 1960 thru 1963 and has loaned them to the Museum. The Woodfields housing area had dirt roads at that time and when they were graded and it rained, the artifacts found were right on the surface. This large variety of both Projectile Points and Pottery is identified next to each piece. The approximate location of these artifacts is shown on the satellite view as red dots. M = This Museum, P = Pond. Robin is a volunteer at this museum and has dug with Dr. Willet Boyer III at several dig sites around Marion County since February 2009.

I moved to Ocala at 4 years old in 1952 and found about most of my artifact collection when I was 12 to 14 years old(early 1960's) on the dirt roads around my house in Ocala, Florida. After a hard rain I would would walk or even ride my bike looking for and find these artifacts that I have now after 50 years have displayed at the new Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology. The main search was for the arrowhead points, but I kept the pottery and even the sharks teeth that I found.  Most were foumd on SE 13th Street less than 1/2 mile from the Marion County McPherson Complex.  I did not find out the types or age of the arifacts until I retired from Lockheed Martin after 37 years and begain volunteering to dig for artifacts with Archaeologist Dr. Willet Boyer III.  In the last 2 years we have dug at seven sites all over Marion County and will have a life time of sites to continue finding the artifacts.




Period                            Date /Time Period                         

Paleo Indian                     13,000 – 10,000 Years   Before Present

1- 2  Suwannee Bases

Early Archic                   10,000 – 7,500 Years   Before Present

3 – 4  Arredondo

5  Edgefield Scrapper

Middle Archic                  7,500 – 4,500 Years  Before Present

6  Alachua      

7 - 11  Marion

12 – 16  Newnan        

17 – 18  Putnam

Late Archic                     4,500 – 2,500 Years   Before Present

19 – 20  Culbreath     

21  Lafayette

22 – 27  Levy

28 – 29  Putnam

St Johns I                        3,000 B.P. to 750 A.D

30  Hernando

St Johns II                        750 A.D. to 1,539 A. D

31 – 32  Columbia

Preforms                          All Periods

33 –42  Preform Blanks

Scrapers                           All Periods

43  Tool Point – Reworked as a Knife

44 - 45  Blade – Scrapper Reworked

46  Point Serrated UID

47 – 48  Blades

49  Blade

50 – 52  Scrapers

53  Scraper Plane

54  Knife

55  Smooth Stone Exotic Celt

General Archic                 10,000 – 4,500 Years Before Present

56 - 72  Archaic Stem Points   Date to any Period

St Johns II                         750 A.D. to 1,539 A.D

73 - 108 Pinellas Points

Sharks Teeth

109 - 114  Sharks Teeth



Close up of left and right side of the display board:








Item #        Pottery Type:                      

115à123   Sand Tempered Ceramics

124à125   Grit Tempered Ceramics

126à132   St Johns Ceramics

133à135   Deptford Ceramics

136             Limstone Tempered Ceramics

137à144   Aluacha Ceramics

145à148   Weeden Island Ceramics





The picture below (Group K) points are ones I found and put in a display case and then gave to my brother to diplay.  They were found in the same area, but not in the Museum show case.



My brother also collected the same artifacts in the same areas and from other places around Ocala and Marion County.  Some of his collection is shown below, but not displayed in the Museum or individually identified by type or age.




Robin Corsiglia was born in Moline, IL and moved to Ocala at age 4 in 1952. His father started the first Dairy Queen in Ocala located where the Cascades is now.  He graduated from Ocala High School in 1966 and then from the University of Florida in 1971 with a BS in Industrial Engineering.

He went to work for Lockheed Martin in Ocala in 1971 and also joined the Army Reserves and was the Supply Sargent for the 351st MP Unit in Ocala.  He set up production lines and tooling at Lockheed Martin and later estimated the labor and tooling cost for the electronic assembly of their products that were built in Ocala.  He retired after 37 years in December 2008 and started digging with Archaeologist Gary Ellis at the Fort King Site in Ocala for a few months.  He also started digging with Archaeologist Dr. Willet Boyer at several sites around Marion County in February 2009 and is still an active volunteer with his team at this time.  He decided to loan his personal artifact collection found near the Museum in 1961 to the new Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology and planned and made the display now at the Museum.


Robin is currently enjoying his retirement in the following areas:

Fort King Heritage Association (VP-2013)

Florida Anthropological Society (Member)

Mid Florida Historical Research & Recovery Association (Member)

Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology (Volunteer)

GPS Mapper of Archaeological Dig Sites (Volunteer )


Robin found his artifacts from 1960 thru about 1963.

Robin in Aug 1961 as a Boy Scout and Robin in Oct 1961 when he found a rattlesnake instead of an artifact.   USAR after college in 1971.


Robin in 2010 screening dirt for artifacts.

Send me a note about your artifact finds in Marion County!!!

We would like to see your collection to learn more about our history.  We would also like your artifact donation or loan to the museum for all to see.

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