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The Fort King Heritage Foundation

Ocala, Florida

Last update: 1/27/2022

The FKHA has changed our name to "Fort King Heritage Foundation".

The City cite is "Fort King National Historic Landmark"

Note: This Website is not updated often since the "FKHF" and the "City" now have Fort King Web Pages as shown below.

The Official Fort King Heritage Foundation Web Page is: http://ftking.org/

The Official City Fort King Web Page is:    www.fortkingocala.com  or


 The Fort King Speep Spring and Creek 2022


Note: There is still much to see on this web site.

See our Facebook Page:


2021 FKHA Board: 

Billy Tucker (President), Ron Mosby (VP), Karl Goedert (Treasure), Sandy Carty (Secretary), Robin Corsiglia ,

Bill McCall, Diane Trice, Terry Crawford, Gloria Seddon, Pam Stafford,Charlie Stone

2021 Trustees:

George Albright, Lindsey Barbar, Larry Cretul, Craig Curry, David Moore, Brent Malever, Steve Rinck, Bernedette Castro, Ron Wetherington

2021 City Reps:

Bill Rodriquez-Cayro, Brad Baker, Kathleen Ramirez 


Recap on Fort King 2019 Year:

Jan-      Death ofFKHA's President, David Laffey. (Moment of Silence) David was a driving force for Fart Kin for 3 years as President.

Feb-     1. Tent at Ocala Cattle Drive, Silver River Knap In

  1.    Prep for Heritage Garden began and named for David Laffey
  2. City presented Benches for FKHA for fund raising. Sold 14 at $1000 each.

Mar-     Reenactment of First Marion Board of County Commission Meeting held at Fort King, Visitor Center Remodeled- Drive way redone, and March GRIT Event held.

Apr-     1. FKHA had booth at Beer fest, completed report to Clay Electric Foundation for display in Visitor Center.

2. Dobbs property under contract.

June- Submit grant to Clay Electric for Blacksmith Shop for $1500, Felburn Foundation awarded grant for $100,000 for Dobb House.

Jnly-     1. FKHA selected for 2019 Corporate Support Award of the Florida Recreational and Parks Association. Thanks Kathy for submitting FKHA for the award.

            2. Since fund from the State for Archaeology fell through, FKHA moved to reach an agreement with GARI and FKHA would pay for work.

Ang-     1. Clay Electric Foundation awarded grant for purchase of historical Blacksmith Shop Equipment.

2. Fort King was represented the Seminole War Foundation Conference and Reenactment of internment of Seminole War Soldier in St. Augustine.

Sep-     Voted to begin Brick City Digital Market to establish FKHA on web and set up member contact system. Still working on new Tri-fold Brochure.

Oct-      FKHA had tent at haunted Trail.

Nov-    1. Member Appreciation had to postpone due to bad weather reschedule to·March 2020.

2. Amended to increase board membership number to 15.

Dec-     1. 4111 annual Fight for Freedom  was a success.   The school  days event was off  the chart with great integration with students and reenactors.

Saturday and Sunday were great. Sandy  Clardy visited with many venders and reenactors, their response was this was a well-run  event they have ever attended.   They loved  the  hospitality.

  1. Dobb house purchase was completed and will be !mown as Fort King National Landmark Archeology Center and Museum.
  2. Deal signed with GARI to begin work on the Blacksmith Shop.


Haunted Trails Oct 26, 2019


We now have a Firing Cannon!!  (12 lb Mountain Howitzer):


Fort Construction  is progressing: We still need the siding on the blockhouses.




Now we will begin the fund raising for the construction of the interior buildings, some buildings outside the walls, and the new Visitors Center and Parking Lot on the East side of the property.

Silver Springs Knap-In  Feb 17 & 18, 2018

Reenactment of a Skirmish at the Fort on Dec 2 & 3, 2017.

Fort King - 2nd Annual Reenactment Dec 2 & 3, 2017: (my cell phone pictures)


Ocali Country Days 11/10/17:

11/7/17 Drone Pictures:



 Fort King Construction Video  11/7/17:   https://youtu.be/qTjocBORzwQ 





 Older Pictures:


We had a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Reconstruction of Historic Fort King. 



See our Facebook Page:



Fort King is a free city park operated by the City of Ocala and is a National Historic Landmark.    The Fort King Heritage Foundation, Inc. is a Florida not-for profit corporation formed to protect, preserve and promote the history of Fort King.  The City works closely with the FKHA and with Marion County to further our collective goals to advance an understanding of our heritage through Fort King. 

The park walking trails and picnic facilities are open to visitors seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.  The Visitors Center is open on Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday; 12:00 PM to to 5:00 PM.   Also look for the sign attached to the front entrance that says "Historian on Duty" that means the Visitors Center is currently open.

The Official City Fort King Web Page is: https://fortkingocala.com/

 We HAVE rebuilt the Fort!!



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