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Last update: 3/25/2020


Welcome to our website! 

All government offices in the McPherson Complex are Closed to the Public until further notice by order of the County Commission. The Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology will remain closed to the public until that order is lifted. We apologize for any inconvenience.


The Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology is a research and teaching institution located at 307 S.E. 26th Terrace, Ocala, Florida, on the McPherson County Government Complex.

Our displays, exhibits and programs cover 13,000 years of human history in this wonderful county. 

Our Museum's Grand Opening was on September 18th, 2011 and we have now modified several areas in the museum since the opening, so be sure and stop by to see the "Changes".


Thank you for your interest in our area's wonderful history and heritage!

Mail Address:            P.O. Box 4383 Ocala FL 34478         

Physical Address:    307 SE 26th Ter, Ocala, FL 34471   352-236-5245


Recent Changes:

The Museum will be closed for the next two weeks, but will reopen March 30.

The 2020 Florida Springs calendars finally arrived today! They will be available for sale at the Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology as of 1/13/2020.  They are beautiful pictures of White Springs bath house, Rainbow Springs, Silver Springs, Paradise Park, etc., etc., with the expected wonderful postcards at the back of the calendar. Price still $5/each plus tax.

See our future Scheduled Events:  http://marioncountyarchaeology.com/mcmha/Lectures.htm

Future Lectures:  At the Marion County Museum of History & Archaeology

All programs 3rd Sunday of odd months, at 2 p.m. in Green Clover Hall at 319 SE 26th Ter. Reception follows at East Hall at 307 SE 26th Ter with refreshments and touring the museum.  All programs admission are free to members and $5 to nonmembers. Individual and family memberships available for sale at events. For information, please call the museum at (352) 236-5245.

While at the reception, be sure to check out the museum store. We have gotten new items and have recently received a new shipment of museum T-shirts that include size XXL

The museum’s Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/MarionCountyMuseumofHistoryandArchaeology/


Future Lectures:

March 15, 2020 – Sunday at 2:00PM.  Cancelled

"Early Settlement and Life in Eastern Marion County”

presented by Celeste Godwin Viale

The program will be presented by Celeste Godwin Viale. Celeste Godwin Viale is a 6th generation Marion County native, genealogist, and historian for the 165-year-old Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church. Mrs. Viale will present the program “Early Settlement and Life in East Marion County.”


May 17, 2020 – Sunday. Cynthia Graham; African American History in Marion County & Book signing

Jul 19, 2020 – Sunday. Dr Joe Knetsch; The Fight for Florida Statehood

Sep 20, 2020 – Sunday. Robert Jacob; 1625-1722 - A Histoical Retrospective

Nov 15, 2020 – Sunday. Dr Joe Knetsch; "Kaiser Assaults Florida: Spies and Espionage in WWI Florida"


Hours of Operation:  

The Museum will be closed for the next two weeks, but will reopen March 30.

  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday through Saturday: 10:00AM to 3:00PM (Closed Wednesday)

Volunteer at the Museum:  Call 352-236-5245 and ask about volunteering at the museum.  You can pick you days and hours you want to volunteer and will be taught with “On the Job Training” about Marion County’s History.




The county is supplying the building and much of the utilities/maintenance, but many expenses and cost for the displays will be from local donations. 

Donations can be made to The Marion County Historical Association (a 501-c(3) Corporation- any donation is tax deductible).

Saturday, 8/10/19 at the Fort King National Historical Landmark, the Fort King Heritage Association presented to the Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology a leather bound multipage reproduction copy of the hand written minutes of the first Marion County Commission meeting that took place in the fort on Friday, February 20, 1846.  You can actually read the cursive script that was hand written on that day.

FKHA president Bill McCall, and Board members, Diane Trice and Robin Corsiglia presented to the Marion County Museum of History and Archaeology trustees Zack Pagels, Vanessa Thomas, and Judy Delk.


The museum’s Facebook page is at:


Email for Museum Questions: mcmuseumha2@gmail.com  Call: 352-236-5245


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